In the Starektor Website Control Panel, there is also a set of Advanced Applications. They’re built for cloud hosting users who’re accustomed to managing their web hosting setting. Having said that, thanks to the simple user interface of the Website Control Panel, they are pretty easy to make use of, even for newcomers. At the same time, we have integrated a selection of thorough how–to videos which will help novice clients promptly be able to take advantage of the software tools!

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from bandwidth theft

From the Starektor Website Control Panel, you can actually promptly guard all the visuals in your sites from being employed elsewhere without having your approval. And you can now do that with only a couple of clicks of your computer mouse by making use of our Hotlink Protection tool.

All you have to do is simply pick the domain you wish to safeguard and trigger the Hotlink Protection. Adjustments are going to take effect instantly and your images are going to be shielded from illegal employment and traffic thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto creation of .htaccess files

Thanks to the .htaccess file, you can quickly take control of your website – create redirections, make security password protected folders, and so on. In the Starektor Website Control Panel, it’s easy to develop completely new .htaccess files working with our mighty .htaccess Generator.

You don’t have to know anything at all about .htaccess files in order to use the .htaccess Generator. Just indicate the modifications you have to generate with the tool’s convenient point–and–click interface and our the will instantly produce the needed code for you.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent harmful IPs from your site

If you have to obstruct a spammer from reaching your site, an Internet troll from your discussion board or even a a group of IPs flooding your website, it’s best to make use of Starektor’s simple–to–use IP blocking tool. It allows anyone to promptly hinder an IP address or maybe a a full IP range from ever being able to view your website.

Starektor’s IP Blocking tool is actually easy. What you need to do is enter the IP address (and / or addresses) that you want to block and then click on the action button. All the IPs you’ve inserted are going to be stopped up promptly.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Switch the PHP settings for your website

With any of the cloud hosting plans from Starektor, you can select the PHP build for use on your sites – coming from old PHP versions such as PHP 4 up to the newest stable editions. It can be done with a click of the mouse. All the adjusts are going to be implemented immediately. For each and every PHP build, you have access to the php.ini file for your own website, allowing you to completely switch the way PHP works.

We offer a sleek user interface, which enables you to rapidly modify the most important PHP functions. Anytime, you may as well go back to the default settings to recover a backup.

PHP Configuration