Sender Policy Framework, or SPF, is a validation system, that is designed to stop the so-called e-mail spoofing where an e-mail message can be sent from one address, but to appear as being sent from another one, typically with the objective to scam the recipient for some reason. If SPF protection is enabled for a domain name, an exclusive record is generated for it in the Domain Name System and all DNS servers worldwide have it. The record contains all email servers that are allowed to send legitimate messages from an email address part of the domain. When a message is sent, the first DNS server it goes to verifies the SPF record and when its sending server is permitted, the message is forwarded to the target destination. In case, however, the sending server is not included in the SPF record for the particular domain, the e-mail message will not be forwarded and it will be discarded. In the event that you use this service, it'll prevent third parties from sending spam e-mails that appear to have been sent by you.

SPF Protection in Hosting

SPF protection can be enabled for any domain name hosted in a hosting account on our cloud platform with only a couple of mouse-clicks. The option is accessible in the Emails section of our advanced Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to use it is to select one of your domain names from the drop-down list and enter the hostnames as well as the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses of the mail servers that will be permitted to send email messages from your email addresses. As an added option you can even restrict the e-mails to be sent from your domain only if it includes our MX records, i.e. if our servers manage the email addresses for it, not a third-party supplier. This option will give you the best degree of protection, but it is not applicable in case only your website is on our servers while your emails for the domain are managed somewhere else. Regardless, our SPF protection service will keep your email addresses protected from being used for spam and scam purposes.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you host your domains in a semi-dedicated server account with our company, you can use the SPF protection feature as a part of the standard collection of services that you will get with this kind of website hosting. Starting the protection will involve only several simple steps inside the Hepsia Control Panel, thus even in case you have never employed such a feature before, you will not have any kind of troubles. Employing a really user-friendly interface, you will only need to insert the details of the mail server that will be permitted to send messages from your addresses - its hostname ( and IP address (IPv4 or IPv6). The moment the recently created record propagates, nobody will be able to fake any email address for that particular domain and send out e-mail messages from a server other than the one you have entered. This does not necessarily have to be our mail server, yet in case we manage your email messages, you can allow an extra level of protection by picking an option that e-mails can be send out from addresses only in the event that the domain uses our MX records. Our tech support staff will be able to assist you 24/7 in case you have any questions related to this service.